Seller System


Add New Property:

Use this link to submit properties that you want the research team to find the owners.

Add New Property Submission Form

How To Video Link: Click Here


Cold Calling Data:

Use this link to keep track of the property owners that you contact so that you can receive credit.

Cold Calling Daily Summary


Walking Property Form:

Use this link to gather information about the seller and the property before you schedule the wall through to inspect and take initial pictures.

Add Seller Information To Schedule Walk Thru


Property Specs:

Use this link to enter the specs of the property. Zillow’s information about a proeprty is not always accurate. It is best to ask the owner about the specs of the property. (Beds, Baths, Garage, etc.)

Details of Property


Inspect Property/Rehab Estimate:

Use these links to access a rehab sheet. Print the rehab sheet before you arrive to the property. Based on your rehab sheet, enter the rehab numbers into the Rehab Submission form.

Rehab Estimate Sheet

Rehab Submission


Send Seller Contract/Agreement:

Use this link to send a seller an eSign once you have agreed to a price. You will need their email to receive the eSign. If they do not have an email, request that you can use your email and have them sign, or use a dummy email that you create for them.

Send PSA to Seller via eSign

How To Video