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The methodical relation between Joshua and Jesus Part 1
A few days ago I was driving, meditating on Joshua. I had read the book earlier in the week. Then revelation burst in my mind, all of a sudden I could see clearly. I want to share with you some of what I saw;

(This will be a quick overview and in future articles we will dig much deeper into the exact details.)

We’re going to look at this as a method, or military method of God.

Moses: Came before Joshua, and Moses was the deliver that came in a form of a child. Upon his birth, Pharoh the ruler of that age sent a ordinance to kill all new born children 0-3 because he feared that the Israelites would over take Egypt. Moses led them through the Red Sea, showed them their initial promises and covenants, reintroduced them to the God of their Fathers and that it is God who did it all.. “It was only God working through Moses”.

Jesus: Came by a seed and the form of a child who later came to save the Jews. To bring them in remembrance and correct positioning with the God of their fathers. To teach them that God does it all and all the miracles happen because it is God who works thru him. Primary assignment was to deliver the Jews.

Joshua: Primary assignment was to do as Moses had instructed. To spread through the heathen and demon spawned nations and capture and claim it for The Lord. He did a good job and a amazing start, however u to death he still had much more to do.

Paul: Convicted and later commission directly from Jesus to do a specific assignment. That was to go to all the other nations, preach the gospel and show the good works(paraphrasing). He did an awesome job and as a result wrote 75% of the new testament. However it wasn’t the entire earth.

There is one thing that separates, what was done physically in the Old Testament became what they did spiritually in the New Testament.
Wait til I show you in the scripture how all these link up. And through it you will see God’s militant methods all throughout time. It’s truly amazing!!!

Til next time!
Remember Faith is the ultimate weapon!

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