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New "The Fast Investor Formula" For Real Estate and Lenders.
Discover How To Attract MORE Money With Ease To Fund Deals in 30 Days Or Less So You Can Build A Lucrative Real Estate Investing Portfolio… That Impacts Your Family, Your Loved Ones And Ultimately Humanity.

There is a new Millionaire Philanthropist in the world Today and it’s YOU… 

The new Philanthropist is you. The change that the world needs will be through the financial freedom and stability that you will accomplish. Instead of trading time for money or being concerned about how to grow or strengthen your portfolio.

You can have a dedicated formula that you can depend upon to get your deals financed and completed through a list of verified lenders.

Imagine the time that you will save by having a dedicated book of lenders that you can pull from to know how to get your deal complete.

The confidence that you will have to approach deals, sellers, transactions and opportunities knowing that you can complete any deal with your new found knowledge and expertise.

Never forgetting that in order to make the impact that you want on the world, requires the time, freedom and financial stability.

Having the ability to expand your portfolio with a dedicated list of where and how to gain access to hundreds of millions for investing.
Yes, You to can have a Lucrative financial portfolio..

As a matter of fact everyone can with the right tools and information.

It’s time to start getting deals that pay a return that is worth your time.

Gain the returns you need so that you don’t have to trade your time for dollars forever.

It’s time to create a clear and compelling formula that will work best for your portfolio that will give transformation for you and your Legacy.

If you could attract money

That qualifies your opportunities without having to wonder what’s the next step.

How to get people with the money to say “Yes” to funding your asset purchase.

My Fast Investor Formula does exactly that…

Giving you the tools that you need!
What's the Value of The Fast Investor Formula?
Not only have some of my clients made a fortune building their portfolios with this formula, but more importantly they are:

-> Making an Impact because of their new found financial stability

-> Add Millions ($1,000,000s) to your financial portfolio

-> Building a Legacy for their loved ones

-> Freedom to do what they love

-> Serving their communities and causes that matter to them

-> Confidence, peace of mind and Surety to accomplish growth in your portfolio

Is there more noble profession in the world than becoming a new found Millionaire and Philanthropist?

I don’t believe there is, but I do believe in You.

I believe it’s your time.

I believe this program isn’t just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.

Because the cost of not living one’s social responsibility and serving others is too great for some people to even stomach.

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for a ONE-TIME PRICE of only $497, $197, $97, just $47
- Lender Money List

  • - Lender Checklist

  • - Lender Questionnaire

    • - Scenario Checklist

    • - Creative Lender Solutions Workbook

    • - Lender Terminology Sheet
  • - 50+ Certified Lenders

  • - Investor friendly lenders waiting for deals to fund

  • - Our Lee Chandler Lender List
  • - What do you need to qualify?

  • - What documents are required?
  • - Know the right questions to ask your lender

  • - How to know if that lender is a good fit

  • - How to effectively interview your lender
  • - What scenarios you should present

  • - How to present various scenarios without getting denied
  • - Want to get creative with real estate?

  • - Gain access to various scenarios that you can use as templates

  • - Examples of creative solutions
  • - Know the lingo necessary to succeed

  • - How to sound like a professional

  • - Establish yourself as a professional
For less than a Friday night out with friends you can:

-> Take financial control of your investment opportunities
-> Access a formula that you can apply to your financial portfolio
-> Leverage a system to getting your deals funded
-> Know exactly what is needed to go to the next level of lending
-> Create your financial future

-> Checklist for making sure that it’s the money you need
-> Understand that not all money is good money and when to say “NO”
-> Workbook of how to underwrite a deal and see if it’s worth your time

You will never see an offer like this again, so be sure to grab it NOW!!
As a charter member, if you take action right now, You get instant access
for a ONE-TIME PRICE of only $497, $197, $97, just $47
Get Instant Access To The Fast Investor Formula
As a charter member, if you take action right now, You get instant access
for a ONE-TIME PRICE of only $497, $197, $97, just $47
Direct Consulting from me has been as high as $100,000 and I only take on 4 per year at this higher level. 
This special offer is for anyone who longs to make an impact and legacy.

All for something you can afford because it’s my way of clearing the path for every coach, speaker, and expert out there who is struggling unnecessarily.


Because I like you … and this is also one of my forms of giving back and making an impact upon society by enlightening others.

Making this easy for you is the most direct path I know to make an impact and a difference.

This is a one-time offer because I know not everyone will be decisive enough to take the step.

But for you, $47 gives you everything you need to get deals funded in the next 30 days with no overwhelm or a million pieces to fit together and implement.
Go ahead, Get the Fast Investor Formula and take a deep breath.
Then get started.
You can do this.
Please know, this is a limited-time offer. Meaning, when you leave this page, the offer to get all 5 tools for $47 is gone, and the price will go back up to $497. It really comes down to this - how much do you dedicate to educating yourself and increasing your own skills so you can succeed? If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that's okay too.
Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to do so right here.
As a charter member, if you take action right now, You get instant access
for a ONE-TIME PRICE of only $497, $197, $97, just $47
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