Cold Caller(s) – Identify prospects and qualify them for a walk thru.

  • Lead Management
  • Calling List
  • Set Appointments to schedule walk thru for Acquisition Manager
  • Follow Up Call & Text
  • Track Performance (Qualified Leads)

Acquisitions(s) – Primary focus is to view property and secure seller contract

  • Analyze Leads
  • Bandit Signs
  • Contact Sellers referred by Cold Caller(s)
  • Appointment Walk Thrus
  • Submit Offers
  • Execute Contracts (Have seller sign)
  • Networking; BiggerPockets, Events, Online, Social Media

Disposition(s) – Sale the property

  • Marketing Property; website, social media, email list etc.
  • Manage Contracts; Follow up with sellers to keep informed
  • Build Buyer MASSIVE List
  • Sort and Analyze data of the Buyers, Prospective Buyers and Market Trends
  • MLS access or PropStream
  • NETWORK with Agents
  • Call and Email Agents who deal with Investment properties
  • Network in Real Estate Focus Facebook Groups
  • Network in BiggerPockets
  • Network in Real Estate Focus Linkedin Groups
  • Create Facebook Page (Buyer Page) and List properties
  • Linkedin; Research Investment Firms and other Investors and network to learn their criteria, contact information etc.
  • Craigslist Post Properties
  • Closing Checklist (PDF)

KPI’s (Key Performing Indicators)

Cold Caller(s)

50+ Calls per week

2+ Text Messages per week

2+ Appointments per week


2 Appointments per week

1+ Contract per week


1 Closing biweekly

1 Weekly update call/text with Sellers under contract

Add 2-5 Buyers with Questionnaire to database per week

Add 2-5 Agents to database with Questionnaire per week

Biweekly Market Updates; Who’s buying, What they’re buying, Where and for what price(s)




Potential Buyer Script

Home Owner Questionaire




rehab_price_sheet copy

Key Components – Any Position

Prospecting – Any Position