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Business is forever developing, growing and expanding. No matter what industry you are in, you should be at the forefront of the development of your business. 
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Our Online Courses
Each course is designed to enable you to further develop your business in two areas:
1. Active Income as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Manager.
2. Passive Income as a Investor in Real assets such as Real Estate.
Real estate Investing
Real Estate Investing does not have to be complicated. Learn how you can invest while learning about your market both actively and passively.
Business Consulting & Marketing
Find out what you need to attract more customers, clients and prospects using proven strategies and automation.
What are you waiting for?
It's time to learn from actual business owners on how to improve your business. The days of working 40+ years and storing your income in a company stock plan are over. Too many people have solely depended on their employer to take care of them, and have little to nothing to show for you. Don't be like these people, take action.
  • Take control of your destiny by following proven tactics, step by step to explode your business
  • Go after what you really want, your freedom
  • Learn from actual business owners 100x more than any graduate degree
% of avg. revenue increase per client
business owners
Our Lector
Leland Baptist
Entrepreneur, Consultant and Real Estate Investor.
Our Partners
We've partnered with businesses, and entrepreneurs who know exactly what they're doing in todays market. And have allowed us the ability to empower you on what to do in your business as well. Learn from others who are actively applying these proven tactics day in and day out.
Check out what people just like you have to say.
"Consulting helped market my brand and business in ways I would have never thought about. They were instrumental in securing clients for my HR Consulting company. I'm currently using them here in my new relocated area of Washington, D.C. and am thrilled to say that Phenomenal Resources has a polished web look and we have been given the opportunity to partner with local businesses. I'm excited about what's ahead."
Chandra Green
"As a first year teacher Launch Consulting not only has provided me with very informative information for my business. They also gave me the tools on how to obtain quality and affordable investment property to further my retirement strategy. Everything they tell you is proven and 100% true."
Reginald Bellamy
"Meeting and Networking with Launch Consulting Co. has and will continue to be a game changer for my business. Truly a blessing to cross paths with such a great company."
Jordan Parham
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