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Maybe you're one of those people who have it all figured it out. If so .. this blog is definitely not for you. But if your answer to the question above is 'yes'. Then great.. you and I are on the same spectrum. There are days in this journey where I am absolutely crushing it. Doesn't matter if its sales calls, my facebook ads or just an increase of sales from a referral.

And what the tells me is that in this journey. I am forever growing, learning and refining. And just like the days that I am crushing it... there are also days where I feel "crushed".
There is a lot of fake in the market place of life. Fake success, fake expectations, fake relationships and the list goes on. I want to have transparency. So what better way to do that than .. to actually do it?! My hope is that this inspires others on their journey as well.

This blog will in no means be perfect, there will be grammar mistakes... and honestly mistakes in general. But one thing that will also take place is effort and success.  I am a firm believer that imperfect action produces success.  

If  this is a journey that you want to me apart of, then WELCOME ABOARD!
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