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Do you desire to be GREAT?!

Let’s start this blog by first understanding that being Great is a status that truly is set apart. Simply put if every person was great… Then frankly great just wouldn’t be so great anymore.

I’ve always thought that every human being wants to be great. You know, how everyone desires to be great and wants more for themselves. But when you take a step away from that naive perspective I realized that this isn’t the case. See the first blessing that many people negate is that we are in a country called America. Granted it’s flawed with policy, racism and a cloak of a misty mirage of equality. But still with all of the wrong, this land is a land of opportunity. I often feel as though this land is the metaphor of milk and honey that flows freely to all people, who desire to drink. Who desires to be great?

If such opportunity is vas and the human imagination has been proven to be unlimited. Then what truly is the restraint? Why isn’t everyone pursuing this dream, “the pursuit of happiness”? In a kingdom who’s montra is built on “life liberty & the pursuit of happiness…” Can you name 10 colleagues that you know personally, that are completely “happy”? I know what you’re thinking… Who defines happiness? Well my answer is that you define happiness, that zeal for life, that eagerness to be all that you can be, that abundance that God wants us to walk in.

Sadly the truth is that not everyone desires to be great.
Check this out;

Not so shall it be among you; but whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, And whoever desires to be first among you must be your slave– (Matthew 20:26, 27 AMP)

How ironic that God himself lays the path for becoming great. It seems somewhat fitting, maybe a little fair as well. So we understand that what The Lord speaks of is what we call in human wisdom; “servant Leadership”. It’s what we consider to be the building stage of success. That if you truly wish to be the master, you must first become the servant. If you want to become a teacher you must first become a student. Every Socrates needed a Plato and vice-versa.

What are you asking?
How does this apply to out society today? The answer is simply one word; “everything”.
Yes this answers everything, if you choose to become great you must first be small and then grow strong. You must first discover your gifts and the uniqueness of them. Next you have to refine them, make them special, take pride in what sets you apart. Harness your gift, and continue to refine it, cherish it with great love and protection. Once you’ve a built it, shine it til it glows like gold……

Now GIVE it AWAY!!!

That’s right, give it away as soon as you can and at the largest quantity possible. Don’t give it away for a profit, no… Don’t you dare. Answer this question, do you want to be great or above average? Giving your gift in exchange for money wil not give you prosperity and will not make you great. However, giving your initial gift away for free will give you all that you desire and want. Let he who desires to be great become the least. Give your gift to the world, that is how you become a good servant, help others build their dreams. Give and you shall receive.

In the consulting industry we call this establishing a pipeline. Creating re-occurring customers, testimonials and referrals. In the food industry these are called promotions or samples. But to God, this is considered being a servant aka…. Becoming Great.

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